The Night Circus

Collaborative project with Claire Fleck, working from the novel ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern. The novel tells the story of a fantastical circus and the complex challenge it hosts between two young magicians apprentices.

As Fleck’s adaptation of this story is envisaged in the form of an immersive theatre piece, Lyndsay wanted to capture the intricacies and depth of the story through fine illustration within her print. Her drawing style was highly influenced by the richly descriptive text and symbolism throughout the book.

The two characters designed for are twins – one of whom can see into the past and one who can look into the future. The notion of the ability to reveal hidden information that others cannot perceive inspired Lyndsay to experiment with UV pigments within screen print, allowing the print to have another dimension and to communicate the story of the characters through her textiles.

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