Sentiment and Fable

Mood Book

A collection comprised of textile samples for a fashion outcome. Finding inspiration in the dark folk fables, mysterious legends, and beautiful setting of Lyndsay's home in the north east of Scotland, 'Sentiment and Fable' creates an emotive textile narrative that engages and intrigues.

The collection uses a variety of luxurious base fabrics such as fine silks and soft wools to create pleasingly tactile finishes. Using a mix of digital and screen-printing techniques, alongside an exploration of dyeing and embellishment, 'Sentiment and Fable' looks to encompass rich textures with layered illustrative print.

A luxury Fall/Winter collection, 'Sentiment and Fable' is aimed at curious and sophisticated women beyond an age bracket. The target market here is a mindset; subtly subversive and elegantly emotive.

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